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Certified Linux Security Professional

Course Content of

'Certified Linux Security Professional'

  1. RH033 Red Hat Linux Essentials Linux Ideas and History

    • An Introduction to Linux and Open Source: what are the central ideas behind the Linux phenomenon and where do they come from?
    • Linux Usage Basics
    • Browsing the File System
    • Users, Groups and Permissions
    • Using the bash Shell
    • Standard I/O and Pipes
    • Text Processing Tools
    • vim: An Advanced Text Editor
    • Investigating and Managing Processes
    • Basic System Configuration Tools
    • Finding and Processing Files
    • Network Clients
    • Advanced Topics in Users, Groups and Permissions
    • The Linux Filesystem In-Depth

  2. RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration and RHCT Exam Course Outline

    • Administrative Access
    • Package Management
    • System Services and Security
    • Configure and manage system logging, time syn
    • System Initialization
    • Kernel Monitoring and Configuration
    • Network Configuration
    • Filesystem Administration
    • Additional Storage
    • User Administration
    • File systems for Group Collaboration
    • Centralized User Administration
    • Software RAID
    • Logical Volume Management
    • Virtualization and Automated Installation
    • Troubleshooting with Rescue Mode

  3. RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration

    • Course Outline
    • System Performance and Security
    • System Service Access Controls
    • Securing Data
    • Network Resource Access Controls
    • Organizing Networked Systems
    • Network File Sharing Services
    • Web Services
    • Electronic Mail Services
    • Account Management

  4. Network Devices

    • Application Layer Functionality and Protocols
    • OSI Transport Layer
    • OSI Network Layer
    • Planning and Cabling Networks
    • Configuring and Testing Your Network

  5. Routing Protocols and Concepts

    • Introduction to Routing and Packet Forwarding
    • Static Routing
    • Introduction to Dynamic Routing Protocols
    • Distance Vector Routing Protocols
    • RIP version 1
    • VLSM and CIDR
    • Link-State Routing Protocols

  6. LAN Switching and Wireless

    • LAN Design
    • Basic Switch concepts and configuration
    • VLANS
    • VTP
    • STP
    • Inter-VLAN Routing
    • Basic Wireless concepts and configuration

  7. Accessing the WAN

    • Introduction to WANs
    • PPP
    • Frame Relay
    • ACLs
    • Teleworker Services
    • IP Addressing Services
    • Network Troubleshooting

*Ethical Hacking & Security Content as needed with respect to above Course will also be covered.

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